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Airmail Greetings' own Joe Jones wins EMMY for aviation documentary
Airmail Greetings' own Joe Jones wins EMMY for aviation documentary
We are overjoyed to announce that Airmail Greetings' own Joe Jones wins his first EMMY award as art director, and official artist for the extraordinary aviation film documentary, "Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club." Recognized in the aviation industry as the most awarded artist in air show history having won more (ICAS) International Council of Air Shows awards than any other in the world -- this film project was a natural fit.

Jones had the great privilege to work directly with Producer/film maker, Nick Spark, and Director, Amanda Pope for over a year on his first Hollywood film project after being introduced to Spark at the National Aviation Hall of Fame's "REEL STUFF" aviation film festival in 2008, in which Jones was the official event artist.

This wonderful documentary is narrated by awarded actor Tom Skerritt, and includes the talents of Academy Awarded actress Kathy Bates as the voice of Pancho Barnes.

In January of 2012, both, the story of the film, and the story of the EMMY award was featured the pages of, PilotMag as seen in this photo with Jones' EMMY award.

"I know damn well Pancho would be so proud to see what we accomplished, and to know that still to this day, she is still being talked about in Hollywood! We knocked it right outta the park for you Pancho!"
~ Joe Jones

For more info on the film, visit:

A little background on the legendary aviatrix, "Pancho" Barnes:
Florence "Pancho" Barnes was one of the most important women in 20th Century aviation. A tough and fearless pilot, Pancho flew on Amelia Earhart's wingtip, performed as a barnstormer throughout California, and made a name for herself as Hollywood's first female stunt pilot in the 1920's and 30's. Pancho would compete against Earhart during the first women's cross-country air race in 1929. Deemed "Powder Puff Derby" air race the course started in Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio.
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Just prior to WWII Pancho opened a ranch near Edwards Air Force Base that became a famous -- some would say notorious -- hangout for test pilots and movie stars. Known as the "Happy Bottom Riding Club", it became the epicenter of the aviation world during the early jet age. Chuck Yeager celebrated breaking the sound barrier there in 1947. In 1983, the story of

Pancho's "Happy Bottom Riding Club" was prominently featured on the classic movie feature, The Right Stuff.
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