Airmail Greetings
Airmail Greetings
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Airmail Greetings
Airmail proudly unveils the flagship art for 'Wing Over Gillespie'!
Airmail proudly unveils the flagship art for 'Wing Over Gillespie'!
As the CAF's B-17 'Sentimental Journey', and B-25 'Maid In The Shade' comes screaming across the flight-line at arm's-length this piece also features five other signature aircraft, including the only one of two N9M Northrop Flying Wing in existence. A remarkable concept for Jack Northrop.

A challenge for any designer or illustrator, Airmail's Joe Jones was tasked by Rich Kenny, aviation legend-Bill Allen and the great fellas of the Commemorative Air Force to develop a show-stopping original 40's era flagship event art with just the right "Spirit Of Aviation".

Expertly blending rock-solid design with a line-up of elements needed to magically produce a never-before-seen piece is just the beginning for Jones. Developing a dynamic focus, spot-on detail and memorable composition is tough to produce from scratch, but it is actually Jones' signature color-work that he is most known for. Joe explains, "Working to respectfully blend great storytelling with strong graphic design, with 'correct to the rivet' historic illustration along with the MOST important ingredient; the spirit of flight is my greatest joy. "Working directly with veterans from five different wars I learn from the very best!!!" Jones adds.

Showcased Aircraft:

1) B-17 Sentimental Journey
2) B-25 Maid In The Shade
3) Bill Allen's Stearman - Formerly owned by Steve McQueen
4) Northrop N9M Flying Wing
5) TBM Avenger
6) Douglas SBD Dauntless
7) Tuskegee P-51-D "Red Dog"

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