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Airmail Greetings
"The Reel Stuff" Film Festival of Aviation Official Poster
Airmail Greetings proudly becomes a major sponsor of "The Reel Stuff" Film Festival of Aviation, hosted by the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

It brings us great pride to share with you the official, first annual "Reel Stuff" flagship poster art just completed for the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and Executive Director, Mr. Ron Kaplan, a true custodian of our aviation heritage.

In celebration of the "Battle of Britain" as one of the many headline movies that will be screened at this, first of its kind, aviation event we wanted to create a tangible tribute to all that flew with the RAF, England's last line of defense during the German blitz of 1940 -1941, while capturing the spirit of the movie poster design of the era.

As portrayed in the movie, the lead Spitfire depicted in the final art bears the markings of Michael Cain's aircraft, with Christopher Plummer as his wingman. Beyond just studying the entire battle and exact aircraft flown throughout, Jones did extensive research on the entire subject of radar by itself, learning even more about just how vital it was to Britain's ultimate victory. Although the original towers are now long gone, Jones did make it a point to include that small but hugely important element in the final illustration. England would have surely fallen if not for their early radar systems.

Join us at this exciting first annual three day aviation film event, April 24-26 which will be held in Dayton, OH. For more info visit:
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