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Airmail Greetings
A Devastating Loss to American's Aviation Community
A Devastating Loss to American's Aviation Community
Official Team 21 sponsor, and creator of the "Mystical Power" nose art featuring Becky Miller, it is with heavy heart that Joe Jones and Airmail Greetings must now make this profoundly sad announcement as we pay this sincere tribute to a dear friend and aviation legend.

American's aviation community mourns the loss of, friend, air show performer and Reno air race champion Mr. Gary Miller.

Our worst fears were confirmed as the news broke that we did indeed lose our friend Gary Miller, and his signature plane "Mystical Power" in a horrible crash on the afternoon of July, 9th about 1pm near Kiowa, Colorado while practicing maneuvers for an upcoming air show. What exactly happened is still unclear. Although, we may never know what the cause, it is certain we all have been robbed by this cruel fate.

This devastating loss to his family, and all of American's aviation community will be sorely felt for a long time to come, and is something we painfully can never truly brace for in the end. We, left standing in the wake of tragedies such as this can only go on to honor his wonderful spirit, and great sense of achievement and adventure as he embraced life in the very best way possible every single day. And by doing so, he always inspired us all in his own quiet way.

What should make our loss a little more bearable is the broader understanding that while we always knew Gary's soul belonged to the heavens from the very beginning, it was always with the best regard, and kind intention he shared his heart with us all left here standing on earth.

And, for those of us on Earth looking up in awe with every Cuban Eight, Tailslide, and Inverted Loop, Gary also quickly earned the profound admiriation and respect of our great American veterans as he honored each of them with the deepest of reverence. He performed this duty by noble choice, and at the risk of his very life each and every time he performed while proudly at the stick and rudder of his 1944 North American SNJ-5 Texan. A consummate pro like Gary knew all-too well the personal risk he took each and every time he taxied out and rotated his faithful bird into the sky. But, it was THAT important to him that he do so regardless the inherent danger. Now tragically, he too perishes behind the stick of an US Air Corp aircraft as so many of his military counterparts have before him.

What will forever be crystal clear to us all, Gary was a true credit to both aviation and it's rich heritage, and was a genuine American patriot in the upmost sense of the definition. The "Right Stuff" by any measure!

However, this, is still but a glimpse of the salt of this man that we attempt to bring to light here by pen that made Gary Miller a giant in our eyes and hearts. What his friends admired the most was what he earned here on the ground with hard work, integrity and dignity. He worked for, and earned the love and trust of his wonderful Becky, and the admiration and respect of his children and adoring mother Roberta. Gary Miller was the REAL DEAL!

This I say of my friend,
"It is the finest of men -- stand-up guys like Gary Miller that help define the measuring stick in which we all should have the good sense and great fortune to stack ourselves up against. None finer! We gratefully salute you my friend!" -- Joe Jones

God bless you Gary. You will forever be missed, and forever be remembered. Blue skies and Tailwinds!

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