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Airmail Greetings
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Airmail Greetings
P-38 White Christmas
3060 - P-38 White Christmas

Created by popular demand!

Designed by 24 year old engineer, Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, originally christened the "Atlanta" by Lockheed, and dubbed the "Forked-Tailed Devil" by the Germans, it was Britain's Royal Air Force which received the first shipment of P-38s, forever stamping the name "Lightning" to this sexy bird.

This new card pays tribute to the hundreds of intrepid crews that ferried, much like famed "Glacier Girl and the Lost Squadron", the route from Goose Bay, to Greenland, across the Denmark Strait, then on to their assigned fighter bases in England. This versatile, twin engine aircraft, in it's many roles, greatly helped turn the tide for the Allies during WWII.

This card is dedicated to the memory of a dear soul, and friend, Mr. Roy Shoffner, the man who took on the daunting task to rescue "Glacier Girl" just to share with the world. God Bless you Roy!

Along with the dedication and expertise of many such as Bob Cardin, Don Brooks, and EAA's, Vince Hammons, it is "THEIR" spirit of aviation we proudly create this piece as a testament to the profound effect their efforts have made to our entire aviation community today. Happy Holidays gentlemen!