Airmail Greetings
Airmail Greetings
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Airmail Greetings
RV Flight Of Fancy
3010 - RV Flight Of Fancy
The first side by side, two place aircraft built by Van's, the RV-6 made its first flight in 1985. Introduced in 1986 the RV-6, and its cousin, depicted here, the tricycle gear RV-6A would become a staple in the home-built aircraft category.

We would like to gratefully thank the wonderful RV pilots in EAA chapter 43, along with friend and pilot, Dennis Lacy for their kind support in developing this original work.

This one goes out to all of the dedicated home-builders throughout the world that truly embody the "spirit of aviation". We celebrate that very spirit, with our very first card. We believe, much like the Wright Brothers, the spirit of the home-builder, still to this day, clearly deserve to be recognized for their profound achievements. We take time to salute you all this Holiday Season!

Early conceptual rendering. Once all elements are developed and assembled, establishing the foreground, midground and background, perspective, light and shadow and overall balance is a profoundly liberating process when developed as a 3-D illustration.

Although, the options are endless, the focus of this composition clearly needed to be on the RV-6A itself which quickly got lost with a warmer sky. Also, with the ability to control pitch, roll and yaw as easily as a guy like Bob Hoover, the final decision was for a dramatic front 1/2 view carefully finding that "perfect" beauty angle.