Airmail Greetings
Airmail Greetings
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Airmail Greetings
An Airman's Christmas
3030 - An Airman's Christmas
Assigned to the 8th Air Force, 398th Bomb Group in England from April 1944 to June of 1945, this B-17 G "Maxine", flew alongside legendary veteran pilot Hal Weekly of Aluminum Overcast fame, for an all-time record of 82 missions.

We gratefully thank B-17 air veterans, 8th AF, George Meshko, 96th BG, and Lucky McGinty, 95th BG, for their kind friendship and great support in producing this piece. It is true American heros such as these men that this work was developed to help the world salute. Happy Holiday to each and every one of our great air veterans!

Still under early development, this is the very same B-17 as seen in the final illustration long before engines, propeller assemblies and other details were built piece by piece.

Including the landing gear, creating the final 3-D model of this B-17G from scratch required over 1,900 individual parts to be drawn, built, assembled and mapped,(painted). Then the rivet counting begins...

Original composition development.
Establishing mass and weight, perspective, light and shadow along withoverall color. Note: EAA's "Aluminum Overcast" depicted in this early draft.

In for a penny, in for a pound.
The designing and detailed of the main landing gear was a daunting task by itself. Although, the tail wheel is never seen in the final art, you can bet it's back there right where it belongs.

Inside left main gear.
Before the main landing gear and tail wheel assemblies were complete, over 700 individual part would be built and assembled as depicted in the final illustration.

Outside left main gear.
Along with the broad strokes of an image, often it's the small details that brings a spark of life to a piece. It is the goal, and responsibility of the aviation illustrator to make each work as tangible as if you were standing right there yourself.